We need your help! Hertfordshire HIV Support Service Closing

The Crescent is a support service for both those living with and those affected by HIV, their families, friends and support networks. It has been providing services for almost 25 years, reaching out to the community using support workers, and volunteers / peer educators, to promote safe sexual practices in all areas of the community, and provide support to those that need it, when they need it most.

It provides emotional, and practical support, in a safe and completely confidential environment. It provides free testing for HIV with results in 60 seconds, and free testing for Chlamydia as well.

This vital service is under threat of closure as its funding is being withdrawn in June without a specific replacement service being in place.

Hundreds of vulnerable people are at risk as services vital to their physical and emotional wellbeing are being withdrawn without consideration of the effects both short term, and long term.

It needs your help as the more people that support the campaign to prevent the closure the better, it’s a final chance for the people to have their say and stop this now. Please please leave a message of support, it will be treated in the strictest confidence with only your comments used, never your identity.

If you prefer to write in support, the address is The Crescent Support Group, 19 Russell Avenue, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL3 5ES or email info@thecrescent.org.uk. Website www.thecrescent.org.uk

Thanking you for your support,

The friends of the Crescent.



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82 responses to “We need your help! Hertfordshire HIV Support Service Closing

  1. J

    I don’t understand how this can happen? Surely this must be wrong? This is terrible news. You can count on my support, I hope people agree this has got to be stopped, and quickly. where are people supposed to go ? Does no-one care about stopping the spread of HIV anymore?

    • Libby Stone

      I sincerely hope who ever thought it would be a good idea to remove this wonderful support for people who really need it will take the time to reconsider.
      It would be a terrible mistake to shut The Cresent.
      May they continue on with the good work for a very long time!

  2. David

    For The Crescent to be closed down is a complete step backwards for logic. The People making the decision need to consider there aren’t many places out there offering this kind of dedicated support and understanding, let alone in the St Albans area. We need to keep places like The Crescent going; they are an endangered valuable asset. It’s disgusting that the decision is made on money and not helping your fellow man.

  3. Sarah

    When you see first hand the services and the support that The Crescent provides it is imperative that this is kept running. HIV can be an isolating and scary condition as there is still so much ignorance and judgement. I have spoken to people who have contracted HIV through many different means, from rape, blood transfusions to sexual contact, and without this pivotal service, many would disappear. This place offers not only information for financial support, but also counselling, therapies and a friendly face. The education programmes that are helping young people face the reality of sexual responsibility is incredibly important with the rise of STD’s. When you look at the whole service, it should get more funding, not be a victim. Prevention and support is vital, and it helps to save money in the long run by the services they provide. Good Luck.

  4. Ben

    To remove a service offering guidance, counselling and above all hope to those during their dark hours is a callous and uncaring move. When the educational aspect is also included, I hope the review included the additional spend required in other areas of the Health Service

    I hope the funding bodies are allowing full and public inspection of their record books to allow an informed decision when the time comes to voting.

    Good Luck and well done to all involved to date.

  5. Thanks for all your support so far keep spreading the word guys lets stop this happening right now

  6. Morag

    SAVE THE CRESCENT! What short minded individuals are responsible for trying to shut down an essential service? Typical self-serving short mindedness. Everyone get behind this for without this being where it is and what it is, the people it helps will be devastated.

    • I thought it quite obvious whome the shortminded are, think David Cameron and his coalition. There is something you can do about this, though, take a trip to London on 26th March and march in protest against the massive, excessive cuts being imposed by the ruling elitists.
      Middle England(where you are)and Essex man will no doubt elect these ‘out of touch’ buffoons, but with their own majority, next time.
      Up here in the north, where the Tory Party have no seats to win, we’re getting ‘IT’ quite bad, young men(at Level 1 in trades such as welding)are now on the scrap heap, just like we were under Thatcher et al in the 1980s.
      It’s clearly obvious to me why everyone and everything’s being cut back, it’s just that we bear the brunt while the richest grow richer, so instead of the banks paying their way we’ll lose our NHS over the next two parliaments.
      This is fact, and the sooner that people from all over the UK get together and begin reacting against these ‘over the top’ cuts, the safer we, our children friends and families will be. If only to have a NHS A&E to go to!!!!

  7. Hugh

    What on earth is going on? I have just heard the news guys. The world has gone mad. I don’t know what I would do without friendly faces and the genuine support I get from everyone there. Sort it out official peeps.

  8. Having been working in the HIV sector in the last 4 yrs+, I came to realise the value of services provided by organisations like THE CRESCENT. Free testing for HIV and Chlamydia leads to early diagnoses. Support services provided to those in need is not only beneficial to the patients, but to their family members as well. If the closure is due to cuts in funding by the current govt, I think they have got it wrong here and should rethink. Pls save THE CRESCENT!

  9. KC

    In Support of the people who benifit from this vital service in hertfordshire

  10. Karmasparkle

    There are approx 86,500 people in the UK with HIV, a quarter of which are unaware they have the virus, and subsequently may still be having unprotected sex and unknowigly passing the virus to others. In 2010 5,960 of these HIV positive people were listed as living in the East of England. 813 of them access services in Hertfordshire. Doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that the Crescent needs to stay open! For many, the Crescent and clinical staff are the only people that know about their diagnosis – they do not tell even their own friends and family. That shows an enormous amount of trust, care, support and friendship. Who in their right mind would take that away?! KEEP THE CRESCENT OPEN!

  11. lucy

    I came to the cresent on a placement last year as I student nurse. I thought it was a brilliant service, the building and the staff made me really comfortable and relaxed, which I know what be beneficial to the service users there. The staff really knew their stuff, which helped me learn a lot about HIV, which I hadn’t learnt from anywhere else!
    It’s a great and important place and therefore would be a great shame if it were to close!

  12. rachel

    after being diagnosed in 2005 being scared of medication it was only the support of the crescent that pulled me through my darkest time and gave me the strength to actually start my meds not only have they supported me emotionaly but also helped with my moving cost when nobody else would,they are always there with a freindly smile to help anyway they can and i dont know what i would do and having nowhere else to go like this is just pure destruction of invaluable top class care in this area..PLEASE SAVE THE CRESCENT !!!

  13. So grateful for all the support so far, please please spread this message as far as you can, this could make all the difference… people power… lets show them…


    I am very upset with what Hertfordshire County Council are trying to do by shutting down The Crescent Association. As when i first stumbled upon them after being Diagnosed with HIV the staff were very understanding and helped me to turn my life around and restore my confidence and made me more aware of how HIV was transmitted. Why are peoples health always affected by political ignorance and cost Whos brainstorm was this With Hertfordshire being a very big county to put all their eggs in one basket is ludicros so three cheers for the idiot who came up with this bright idea Well here is to the staff and members who will mount a full frontal attack and voice their opinions on this is not on

  15. Sande Barrett

    We are becoming dangerously complacent about HIV / AIDs care. Please keep such an important community resource, The Crescent Support Group, open.

  16. Gordon Young

    in todays finacial climate, as the goverment send billions overseas yet states they in support of the LGBT community it is sad to hear of such proposed closures of worthwhile facilities that will actually help save the NHS money in the long term.
    1000% support. I am gay and get tested every 3-6 months, even though in a loving monogomus relationship of 5 years. good luck. may god support you, whatever god you support.

  17. Thank you, Lets hope we can stop this happening, please send the link to anyone you think can help, the more comments we get the better.

  18. Dominic O'Grady

    It is vital that HIV services are protected. The very nature of this illness requires not just financial but also emotional support. It is not always possible to deal with some health and finance/housing matters with out the help of a dedicated orginsation.
    continue your good work

  19. Lisa

    You have the huge burden on your life of being HIV postitive, you cannot talk to anyone because of the level of stigma about this disease, you do not need to be further punished by the removal of essential support services.
    Keep the Crescent open – this is an invaluable area of support and it is a false economy to close it.

    Microbiologist PhD.

  20. Brownbear37

    Having worked with similar organisations elsewhere in the country, I can only add to the torrent of support that should be given to the Crescent and every other organisation like it. Healthcare is vitally important, sexual healthcare equally so, and the problem is not going away. Keep the Crescent open!

  21. Emma

    This service is clearly essential and necessary to many. I have sat here deliberating over what I can possibly say in response to the ridiculous decision to close this service.
    Reading the words of an earlier poster “the staff were very understanding and helped me to turn my life around and restore my confidence ” I can sadly only believe that the closure of this service will lead to many people feeling isolated, frightened and alone in a society that can be uncaring, ignorant and ill educated.
    I wish the centre and all who use it the best of luck.

  22. There is still a great deal of ignorance surrounding HIV, how it is transmitted, the type of people who fall victim to it, and the isolating effect that HIV can have on people who contract it. Treatment is improving all the time and it is important that those who become HIV positive seek help, face up to their condition, and remain optimistic that outcomes are improving in terms of the help and support available and the treatments which are being developed. It is also important that work colleagues, friends and family have the right information and support to be able to help those with HIV to continue to live as normal a life as possible and to feel that they are understood, loved and cared for by their associates. The Crescent provides much needed education, ressurance and support which would leave many feeling lost, vulnerable and isolated if it closes down. Without any alternative replacement being set up it really will create an empty void if The Cresecent is forced to close. The well-being and hopes of many will be eclipsed by such a heartless and ill-considered action.

  23. loveangelchild

    I cannot believe that they want to close the one place that you can always count on for good advice or a friendly chat or the help and support that you cannot get by yourself!!!!!! I have been going to the Crescent for the past 5 odd years and they are such a support! I cannot understand why some stupid obviously uncaring person would want to shut down such an establishment!!!!! I am fully against it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CLOSE THE CRESCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. L.J Quinnl

    I cannot understand why such a worthwhile and clearly essential service could be under threat of closure.Lets hope that some common sense prevails and the Crescent can continue the good service which they provide to the community.Keep the crescent open!!!

  25. barbs

    I don’t know how this can be happening!
    The people that use this service desperately need and deserve all the help and support a caring community can give them.

  26. H

    I cannot believe this is being allowed to happen. HIV is becoming more and more publicised and so people are becoming much more aware of it and need services such as this to support the growing demand. It is unreasonable for people to have to travel all the way to the other side of the county to continue this service. It would have a negative effect on the service users accessibility of ther service.

  27. Joanne Simms-Corbridge

    I am shocked that funding is being withdrawn from the Crescent. This is a charity which helps those with HIV come to terms with their condition. At this moment in time when it is becoming more common and people are dying due to late diagnosis it seems ridiculous that funding is being cut to the detriment of those with HIV. The PCT should be ashamed of themselves as it means that those with the condition are having to travel across a county to get the support which they need. Many of the clients work full time or do not have the money to travel further afield so the closing of the Crescent either means that they will have to take vital time out of work to get to the new clinic or else not go at all as they cannot afford it. We live in a society which prides itself on free health care for all, surely that free health care should also be within a reasonable distance!

  28. tony c

    hi all you are all doing a great job at the crescent i was there only last week the help and support i get is something that cant be replaced, they are always there when i need them….. someone needs to stop this and if someone wins on the lottery please send it to people like this who need it more keep up the good work

  29. Thanks all, keep spreading the word, hope we can stop this vital service being closed by people who don’t care it seems…

  30. Ben Spence

    Sometimes the world has gone insane! This is clearly a much needed service for people with HIV and their families. Even throughout government cuts in the UK there are some things that should not be cut and this is one of them. It would only be a negative reaction to people who rely on the Crescent not only to come to terms with being HIV positive but coping with it throughout their everyday lives.

  31. carol mcgrath

    I cannot understand how vital services that the crescent provides to patients with HIV can be withdrawn where will these patients go for care and understanding ? DO NOT WITHDRAW FUNDING OR CLOSE THE CRESCENT thankyou for your support .

  32. Nilly Bilal

    This is a very important service, please keep this centre open as it is invaluable as are the staff who work there.

  33. JANE

    its a shame the crescent is going to be closed. This is where we go for some services as well as surpport,whats not happening? Please do save our crescent

  34. Little Legs

    Who has decided to close The Crescent? Do these people fully understand the effect having HIV has on peoples lives,if The Crescent closes where will they get confidential care and support from this side of the county.
    Very Poor Decision !! keep The Crescent Open.

  35. Sinjon

    I feel the Crescent should be kept open to help the lives of everyday people, as I feel in today’s world of improved medication that people with HIV are forgotten about and made just to get on with it.

    As Medication cannot just be relied upon it is the human interaction which is needed, in terms of education, support and hope which the Crescent gives to many in Hertfordshire.


    • Neil

      As the partner of a former service user of the Crescent i post this in his memory. We, together, lived through a period where such places didn’t exist, where prejudice was rife and a friendly face was nowhere to be found. In the latter years we found the Crescent and this was in times where treatment was limited, and the side effects too vile to mention. He bore all of this with great strength and fortitude, but it took its toll, he partook in drug trials figuring if he could help others then even if it could help him, it may help others.
      The Crescent at that time gave him the refuge he so badly needed, and, although he died many years ago, the ethos of the place lives on, it is still somewhere that provides a caring, open environment. It has been many years since he passed away and i’m relieved to say that attitudes in general are nowhere as bad as they were in his time.
      However, this doesnt mean that all is well, or that, regretably, people can be free and open about their status so that places like the Crescent are no longer needed.
      It is still a dark secret so many hold, afraid to tell their family, friends, employer, or the world at large generally.
      So I appeal to all, for the sake of my former partner, and all like him, support this cause. Without the likes of this organisation the of risk forcing this condition back to the dark ages of fear and mistrust that we lived through, and undo all that he tried to overcome by being open about his status, at a time when it usually meant you were a social outcast. The fear, rejection was all around, the ignorance astounding, please let us not go back to that, let us support an organisation that for nearly 25 years has worked so hard to educate those in need or at risk, protect the unwitting, and support those who need it most.
      As a man who has watched the progress of HIV treatment and support services develop I know how essential the work that places like the Crescent perform in reducing transmission of HIV, and how crucial it is to those already affected by it, be they the affected person, their family or friends, to have somewhere that is freely available, and non judgemental in its approach.
      I cannot undo what happened in the past, but i’ll be damned if i will allow a vital service like this to be pushed to one side when there is so much more work to be done.
      I applaud the Crescent, and shame on those who want to destroy all of that hard work by closing it down.
      This I post in memory of Neil, for all the pain he bore without complaint, for all the ignorance he bore, seemingly without a worry, and for the work in drug trials he did trying to help those in the future despite the fact it couldn’t help him.
      He was a man of honour, of courage, and a real handful at times, but you couldnt help but love him, and so many people did.
      So this is for you Neil, wherever you may be, i know if you were still here you would be at the front of the march with the biggest placard, so this post is the next best thing, it is the least I could do.

      All my love E xx

  36. Hayley

    Services like this are invaluable and yet are always looked at first when the purse strings are being tightened.

    We should be leaving comments and sharing the link to this site to actively promote the good work The Crescent does, but instead we write our pleas to save the organisation.

    This type of service is vital, and in terms of what it offers to those who seek its support, it’s priceless. I can’t even imagine how it must be to live with HIV and to think I wouldn’t have anywhere locally to turn for guidance, networking and support – because of budget cuts – frankly makes me sick.

    I hope this helps and The Crescent is saved.

  37. Joyce Dennis

    How could the council think of closing an invaluabel service such as this. People with HIV need somewhere confidential to go for advice and this is the sort of place they need. It is a vital service for both guidance and support and should be kept open. I only hope that members of the council never require this service.

  38. John Berry

    I am writing in support of you’re organization. Funding cuts are happening in the US as well and unfortunately they seem to be targeting the most needed and beneficial services. It would be a huge tragedy for those living with HIV and for those who need education about it if the funding for The Crescent is cut.
    Sincerely John A Berry
    Hurley, NM 88043
    United States

  39. Lorna

    Seriously…..WHAT? Do people know how big a county Hertfordshire actually is? How can you expect a person on a limited income to travel over the other side of the county for a service they are unfamiliar with? And from what I hear the other place runs like a business and not a support centre. The friendly faces we get are not going to be replicated. The Crescent is far and away superior in EVERY aspect and should remain and have added funds. Ridiculous decision. I predict a riot!

  40. Decisions like this should never be even contemplated until there’s adequate support to take over from it – they can’t just leave these patients without specific and tailored support 😦

  41. vlw

    This is absolutely disgusting. I think it is shocking that this government are putting money before the health and well being of UK citizens. At a time when UK acquired HIV infections have increased dramatically, shouldn’t they be creating more services like yours, not destroying those that already exist?!!! The decision to remove funding is not logical and very damaging.


  42. Dean

    Too manyorganisations like this close without us even knowing. This one at least deserves a voice

  43. Kate H

    This is sad news, indeed. I support The Crescent and the vital work they do there.

  44. Emily

    Even the thought of shutting down The Cresent is outrageous! This is a very important service it can’t close!

  45. Lucy Barnett

    Society needs safe and educational havens for people with this disease! To cut funding without leaving a viable alternative to patients and their families is going to have a massive negative impact on not just their lives, but also the lives of future patients! Society needs to support each other and the government is supposed to be at the helm of society! I really do hope funding remains and that The Crescent is still their to support the people that need it the most.

  46. Jonathan H

    These services a vital to there users, providing support & a positive in maintaining good physical & mental health.

  47. Scott

    This is another rediculous cut back. It defies logic and common sense and is a needless step backwards. I simply cannot believe that somone sat down and thought that closing this service would be a good idea. If the local council want to save money, they should fire the retard who thought closing this service was a good idea, and use their wages to help fund the service.

    I sincerely hope that this gets resolved quickly.

  48. Jan

    Dear all
    Twenty years ago I lost a friend to Aids related illness after a blood transfusion that went horribly wrong, god bless him. He never used this service but more services such as these are needed nationally so to close them down is a totally ridiculous idea. This condition can affect everyone one of us – regardless of race, religion or class! No one is ‘safe’ from such an alarming disease such as this which takes lives every day. But this is not just about the suffering of those with the condition, it is also about the families and close friends of those with it. They suffer also as they know how hard it is seeing their loved ones in so much stress, pain and agony with no cure and eventual death. Medicines have now yes prolonged lives when caught early and some eventually cause heart failure but this is due to Aids related illness. How MP’s can be so ruthless and heartless is beyond belief and maybe if they found out someone (not wishing this terrible disease on any living soul) close to them had this disease, they would most definitely change their minds on the closure of a haven that has helped so many people throughout its years of practise. It is all about common sense – something obviously the Tory Government have little of.

  49. Peter

    The suppory and knowledge given, helping families through a tough period or prolonged period is invaluable.

  50. Kris Fitzsimmons

    I can understand cuts where the service provided isn’t a vital service, but the work done here seems like a life line to people effected by HIV and more than likely is a life saver to many people. Surely that’s a vital service!

  51. Robin Brady

    I totally support the Crescent staying open. Community-based HIV and sexual health services are vital and an excellent way to educate and support people in need. I cannot believe that a proper evaluation of need has been undertaken before this decision was made. Such knee-jerk decision-making will destroy services that will not be replaced or re-developed either by other organisations or in the future. This is a step backwards.

  52. gempatch

    As anyone who has experienced illness; the stress related to illness, the emotional strain concerned with dealing with illness; you simply cannot put it in a PENDING basket, and hope that all will be well!

    Not having had any personal experience with HIV; I am non the less aware that it involves an extraordinary degree of high maintenance; and a great necessity for diligent use of diagnostic services; on-going treatment to deal with the many aspects of the broad variety of illnesses stemming from the disease, and enormous need of supportive services, which is there to assist those who are HIV positive; and their family and friends.

    It is completely unreasonable to expect a community to accept such an extraordinary and ridiculous “solution” in relation to any concerns regarding funding, and furthermore, totally unrealistic to pass the problem onto the community in such a bluntly inhumane way!
    Because closure of such a necessary and vital service should not be tolerated in any civilized society.

  53. Just think if it was a member of your family….

  54. Mike

    You can count on my support. I think it is essential that services such as these are supported, particularly when it was only reported last week that new UK HIV infection cases have doubled within the last decade. Please carefully reconsider the decision of withdrawing funding!

  55. liam dillane

    there are cuts and there are cuts!
    this is a cut to far!!!!

  56. Morag McLaren

    Such a shame that an obviously valuable service is under threat like this – HIV isn’t just a developing country problem it’s everywhere & us so called 1st world countries seem to forget that all too easily – what’s the matter isn’t the cause sexy enough anymore?!

  57. spelling bee

    It’s an its!

    (“Its funding” and “it is a final”)

  58. andy grace

    It is of paramount importance that this service is kept open and running. Such a vital source of help and support to many people needs funds directed towards it, not away from it. Ditch this ridiculous notion, and start thinking about people!

  59. Sarah Lynne

    This closure needs to be stopped.
    This is a vital service that
    can save and prolong the lives of those
    Diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.
    This country says they are always fighting
    To help those with HIV and AIDS yet they
    Want to cut funding and close vital
    Services such as this? You can count
    On my support.

  60. Alison

    It’s a hell of a lot cheaper to prevent than treat HIV. To close this service is incredibly short-sighted, not to mention callous to the hundreds reliant on the support it offers. The UK needs more such services, not less!

  61. Fiona Sutherland

    Services such as The Crescent should not be closed. Not just because the work they do helps countless people, but because without them what would the strain on the hospital system be like without them?
    The work The Crescent does not only helps their immediate patients, but indirectly supports the whole community, by filling an important space in the health system. Why would you want to stop this?
    Stop the closure of The Crescent!

  62. Rishi

    I sincerely hope the relevant people come to their senses and realise that initiatives like this are invaluable to both patients and communities I like.

    You have my support 100%!

  63. Dannyboy

    This is a crucial service. Keep it available for those who need it.

  64. Jessica

    This is absolutely rediculous! People need support from other people that know what they are talking about.
    To take away that crucial help is surely not going to help anyone cope with this disease!
    I am disgusted that cutting services like this is even proposed.

  65. Garry


    I have just heard that you require support to allow you to stay open, and therefore to continue helping people. Please consider this email as my support for your continuation.

    It is a sad, depressing, dangerous trend we, as a country, are in with services being stopped and hindered by all this short-term cost cutting. It’s all well and good cost-cutting, but there are many more more important things we risk also cutting if this is allowed to continue. Namely, lives. I want you to stay open so you can continue helping the lives you have helped, and help more.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care.


  66. I

    Please continue the fight to stop scandalous public funding withdrawal, and continue the excellent work that you do.

  67. Support this service, cutting funding for those with terrible diseases is not wise or progressive. Keep the faith, I hope you save the service and continue your good work.

  68. mariko kitagawa

    If there were people who needs help, it should be there for them.

  69. Michelle haynes

    It is outrageous that services like this are being cut. I wish you well

  70. Kristie

    This is an invaluable service, we cannot afford to lose The Crescent and the support it offers.

  71. joy

    It’s appalling that cuts hit such services as these. I suggest that this government lacks any understanding of human suffering whilst being hell bent on saving money at any cost. All the best in your campaign.

  72. Katharine

    This service is hugely important and should not be withdrawn. There is a huge need to this service in the community.

  73. Sara

    It would seem obvious to me and may other people it seems, that this is an essential health care project. If the powers that be could stand back and look at the bigger picture they may realise it’s importance.

  74. Ian

    This is terrible news – this kind of approach, where people go to access services in a comfortable and welcoming environment, should not be withdrawn, as it has obvious and lasting benefits. I wish you all the best in your fight to keep this excellent resource up and running.

  75. MT

    Sack them!
    Out of the blue it was announced at the annual general meeting that the Crescent would be shut. Then it was awkwardly proffered by the chairperson that there would be a consultation sometime. It’s outrageous to expect anyone to swallow this as the board’s decision had just been proclaimed! The annual accounts were produced without being available/notified beforehand (2 minutes) to be agreed to by the meeting. I could not even read them, being too small for my eyesight.
    I have attended the Crescent for approximately 16/17 years and even been a trustee who actually has HIV.
    Todate we have not been given any valid answers explaining this evil decision. It is plainly wrong and immoral. The demand for personal data/medical records to be used without consent is still illegal. No hard and fast alternatives have been given, just vague unsuitable political answers.
    Living and having nearly died with HIV/AIDS, I and others have been marginalized by those with self-serving, vested interests.
    Why don’t they just round up all those with HIV/AIDS and kill us off ? It would be more honest and they could even keep the ‘Money’ they would ‘Save’ for larger salaries, bonuses and pension schemes.
    When I was actually dying from AIDS, it was the Crescent staff who liaised with the necessary London hospital/medical staff for an ambulance because I was too far gone for any Local Hospital to help. Simply, if they had not, I would not be telling anyone.
    You can’t get this sort of life-saving help from a cost-saving roving drop in centre.
    The ‘Loyal Staff’ and clients at the Crescent deserve better than being treated as a bad smell.
    Fight back!!!

  76. Alison

    Whilst I understand the need for cost cutting there seems to have been some underhanded goings on. Consultation has been minimal to say the least; is it a coincidence that the Chair of Trustees at Herts Aid which is to receive social services funding is a County Councilllor? The Crescent is well placed geographically with ease of access for all, has knowlegable staff and volunteers, some of whom are HIV+ themselves so can provide an even greater understanding of the issues people face. There is still ignorance and stigma around and The Crescent has a proven history in tackling discrimination and ignorance. HCC and the PCT must look at their options again.

  77. Alison

    I can undertsand that HCC and the PCT need to look at savings but there certainly seems to have been some skulduggery in the decision making process. The Crescent is well placed geographically so people from a large catchment area can access it.The staff and volunteers are knowledgable, some of them are HIV+ themselves which gives an even greater understanding to some of the issues people face. Even though drugs can help with symptoms, there is still ignorance and stigma attached to the disease and specialist support is vital to so many people. There has to be a rethink, propper consultation and proper business decisions rather than favouritism and Trustees without conflicts of interest.

  78. Kevin

    This will be a terrible loss, if The Crescent is closed.
    People with HIV need as much help as possible.
    I sincerely hope, this does not go ahead. I hate to think of the amount of un-neccessary stress this would cuase many people.

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