Herts Advertiser Article 23/06

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The Herts Advertiser ran another article in support of the Crescent on 23/06. They have been pressing the County Council, and NHS Hertfordshire  for answers on a range of issues, including the locations for the proposed new service delivery after 01 July. Article can be seen here http://tinyurl.com/6cykmbp

So far no-one has been informed what is going to happen after next Friday, The Crescent will remain open but will no longer be funded so is seeking alternative sources to enable it to continue.

Neither the County Council, Herts Aid or NHS Hertfordshire have communicated with anyone about where any services will be provided after next Friday, and seem to be relying on the fact that the Crescent will be open so that people have somewhere to go. they have stated that the Crescent is not “technically” closing?

Surely if they are not funding services at the Crescent how do they expect it to continue operating, and moreover should the Crescent be expected to cover the obvious shortfalls in their proposed transfer arrangements?

Chris White, St Albans Central County Councillor has stated he is uncomfortable with the situation and has questioned the impartiality of a report written on the transfer as it’s author is Herts Aid! He says he has been told there will be provision for service users, but no-one can tell him what that will be and he is “Not filled with confidence”

Anne Main MP is quoted as saying the situation is “Appalling” that service users are in the dark and that she urges them to reconsider because of the  negative impact these changes may have on service users.

More demonstrations at County Hall are planned for July, details to follow shortly.

Most importantly The Crescent intends to fight on and will do all they can to ensure that the residents of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire have access to appropriate HIV care and support.



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