Unison Issues A Statement of Support

Hertfordshire County Branch


 Press release; Monday 27th June 2011

  “The Crescent stays open”

 UNISON has been heavily involved in consultation with its members regarding the proposed transfer of services from the Crescent to the organisation HertsAid. Faced with an impossible decision, potential redundancy with the new employer or potential redundancy when the funding for the Crescent dries up, staff and management have made the courageous decision not to transfer to HertsAid.

 This decision will involve strenuous efforts on the part of the Crescent, to secure new funding to allow its services to continue unchanged. UNISON will support and assist the Crescent where possible and help them achieve their goal of a continuing first class service providing advice and services that include HIV and Chlamydia testing, health promotion, counselling and emotional support, Peer Education, therapies and training in educational and private organisations.

 UNISON wish to state the following:-

 “The Crescent has had the majority of its funding removed by the County Council and the Local Health Authority without due regard to the people who use its services. The process followed by both funding parties was in breach of their own official procedures and the service review was undertaken by the organisation that ultimately was set to benefit from the change in service provision. Issues around sexual health and people contracting HIV/AIDS is a growing problem within society and UNISON believe this “cut” in funding and service is both short sighted and motivated purely by financial constraints. This is a further example of the Con-Demn government charging the people, for the failure of successive governments to bring the Greedy Bankers to book.

 UNISON wishes The Crescent good luck for the future and will support its members in helping to secure the long term success of this highly thought of service based in St Albans.”

 Further details; – Paul Meaton, Branch Organiser, 01992 556260


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