Hertfordshire County Council Appoints A New Chief Executive

Dear all,

Hertfordshire County Council has appointed a new Chief Executive, Mr John Wood. Please feel free to write, email, or call him to complain about the lack of funding for the Crescent. Alternatively if you would rather remain anonymous then leave a comment here, and we will pass these on, without identifying you.

Hertfordshire County Council do not need to make funding cuts for HIV support services in Hertfordshire, they are spending but a fraction of the amount allocated by central Government for this purpose. In short they have enough funding to run both services as before.

Please keep complaining to whoever you can, your local MP, County Councillor, write into the Hertfordshire Advertiser, anything you can do to raise this issue. Contact details are below;

Mr John Wood Chief Executive, Hertfordshire County Council, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DQ. Telephone 0300 123 4040

Or you can register a complaint directly with the County Council here https://www.hertsdirect.org/lfserver/PubComplaint

You can contact the Hertfordshire Advertiser – The Editor, Hertfordshire Advertiser Town Hall Chambers 35 Market Place St Albans AL3 5DL – Editorial Telephone  01727 863332

Make some noise people please, it is now or never !! More articles are to appear in the Hertfordshire Advertiser, Positive Lite and the Huffington Post this week, links to these articles will be published shortly.

Thanks again for all your support,

The Crescent Team



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6 responses to “Hertfordshire County Council Appoints A New Chief Executive

  1. rubensmuse

    I think I read somewhere that a person with HIV can cost about £100k per person to treat, which is about what they need on a yearly basis to run the whole charity, this organisation is saving the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds each year by their education and awareness initiatives and are facing closure. The phrase ‘penny wise and pound stupid’ ring a bell here. Not to mention the invaluable support and care they give for people living with and are affected by HIV. They are essential and therefore I support them and so should everyone else.

    • Actually the life time cost is estimated to be in the region of £250 to £300k so three times more than you thought ! Even worse!

    • If we stopped just one unnecessary transmission as a result of our education services, prevention methods like free condom distribution, or free testing service it would save the public purse at least £150 to £200,000. That is just one person a year… not to mention the obvious benefit of preventing another person potentially having their life dramatically altered as a result of something so easily prevented…

      • rubensmuse

        Thank you for correcting me, and as you say, makes it all the more imperative that you stay open good luck

      • in fact the latest Health Protection Agency figures estimate the cost to be between £280 – £360,000 per person diagnosed today in lifetime costs excluding social care costs. This is costing the NHS billions a year, less than 1% of the total budget is being spent on prevention!

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