Crescent Service Members Interviewed In The Hertfordshire Advertiser Today

Hi all,

Another great article in the Hertfordshire Advertiser today featuring quite emotional interviews with two people who use the service, detailing how the Crescent has helped them, and how frightened they are at the prospect of losing the service.

In addition there are complaint letters to the paper regarding the letter penned by Herts Aid Manager Suzanne Bannister in last week’s issue. One Crescent member has accused Mrs Bannister of reinforcing stigma and portraying people living with HIV as too sick to work, wheelchair bound or hospitalised, which couldnt be further from the truth.

Links to the article will follow shortly, but you can view this online today by registering on the Herts Advertiser Website, a link to this is here; 

More interviews and articles are to follow including radio interviews next week, plus a national newspaper is investigating the situation, more on that shortly..

Thanks again for your continued support,

The Crescent Team


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