Why this site exists:
The Crescent is a support service for both those living with and those affected by HIV, their families, friends and support networks. It has been providing services for almost 30 years, reaching out to the community using support workers, and volunteers / peer educators, to promote safe sexual practices in all areas of the community, and provide support to those that need it, when they need it most.

It provides emotional, and practical support, in a safe and completely confidential environment. It provides free testing for HIV with results in 60 seconds, and free instant testing for syphilis also.

This vital service is totally reliant upon donations to survive, our statutory funding ceased nearly 8 years ago and we have reinvented ourselves as a self funded entity. Please help us by donating whatever you can to help us to keep working supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Quite simply we cannot do what we do without you, your support is vital.

Hundreds of vulnerable people are at risk as services vital to their physical and emotional wellbeing could be withdrawn if we cannot find enough funding to survive.

Please see our donations page http://www.thecrescent.org.uk/donate if you would like to make a donation to help us or if you prefer to write in support, the address is The Crescent Support Group, 19 Russell Avenue, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL3 5ES or email info@thecrescent.org.uk. Website www.thecrescent.org.uk

Thanking you for your support,

The friends of the Crescent.

About The Crescent:

The Crescent is a dedicated centre, providing support and care both by and for people living with HIV, their partners, families and friends and has been doing so almost 30 years. It provides a safe and confidential environment for people to discuss their circumstances, gain help and advice/peer support, counselling, free instant HIV testing with pre and post test support and means tested financial assistance to those in crisis.

It performs outreach services using support workers and peer educators to provide education and offer practical help and advice to all sectors of the community, focusing, in particular, on those groups that are hard to reach, or otherwise at high risk of HIV exposure/transmission. In particular working with women and children, ethnic minority groups and those with a disability. Working in conjunction with local sexual health clinics at Watford General Hospital,  St Albans City Hospital and across Hertfordshire it offers a holistic support package so that their patients have a one stop shop for any of their needs.


6 responses to “About

  1. Lizana

    Places like the Crescent provide a space that acknowledges what living with HIV means. To withdraw funding after 25 years is cruel and heartless!

  2. Hollie Doyle

    It is a travesty that this service is being cut. Although we all appreciate that cuts need to be made at the moment, this service provides the kind of front line support that should be saved.

  3. Val Melville

    Some people haven’t got a heart!!!!!!!! Very very unfair

  4. Serena

    This service should not be closed – it provides a vital service to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

  5. I hope this service is not closed, it’s so important to the community!! so many people are still not educated about AIDS/HIV and The Crescent are doing wonderful things. Thank you! x

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