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Free Postal HIV Testing Available From The Crescent For All

Dear all,

BBC and ITV news yesterday covered the launch of a pilot postal HIV testing service for residents in Birmingham in “At Risk” communities only.

The Crescent is very pleased to see that others are now providing this service and wish the team at and Birmingham Heartlands HIV Service the very best in their endeavours to combat the late diagnosis issues in the Birmingham area. You can read more about the pilot here

We hope that Hertfordshire County Council takes note and implements quickly a similar programme to address the late diagnosis rates in Hertfordshire, particularly in West Herts, where rates are well above national average. Hertfordshire’s Director of Public Health Mr McManus, coincidentally was also a joint Director of Public Health in Birmingham, and so we hope he will follow the direction they have taken without further delay.

We have been raising this issue for some two years, appealing to Mr McManus and Teresa Heritage, Herts County Council Cabinet member for Localism and Health, for funding for our postal service, but without success. Perhaps now there will be a change of direction, we certainly hope so!

Our postal service is not restricted to at risk groups and is free for all residents of Hertfordshire and beyond. It is quick, totally confidential, and very easy to do, we will support you throughout the process too. If you don’t want to test by post we do of course offer onsite instant result HIV testing by appointment.

Contact us on, visit our website or call us on 01727 842532 to order a kit or find out more about the service.

The Crescent Team

CB1185-The-Crescent-Home-Testing-Poster-FOR-PRESS2-(low) (2) CB1185-The-Crescent-Home-Testing-Poster-FOR-PRESS-(low) (2)

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Instant Result and Home Sampling Testing Service

See here for details of our instant result and postal home sampling HIV testing services – another free service from the Crescent. Email or see for more details or make an appointment.

CB1185-The-Crescent-Home-Testing-Poster-FOR-PRESS2-(low) (2)CB1185-The-Crescent-Home-Testing-Poster-FOR-PRESS-(low) (2)

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Our Trustee Rachel Gets Press Coverage In the Daily Mail and Sun Newspapers

Dear all,

More coverage this week in both the Daily Mail and The Sun Newspapers with our Trustee the lovely Rachel talking about life with HIV.

Links below, please feel free to share !

Don’t forget if you are concerned about HIV you can get advice from the Crescent, plus a free home sampling HIV testing kit, just email call 01727 842532 or call in to our drop in anytime to collect a kit.

Thanks for your support as ever

The Crescent Team

“Living with HIV? Call in to our drop in any day, or join us for lunch on a Tuesday from 12.30 each week, or for our Sunday Lunch which we hold once a month, next on 12th April, then 03 May and 07 June, more details on our website

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National Aids Trust Press Release on Late Diagnosis in Hertfordshire

Hi all,

Below is a press release from the National Aids Trust asking Hertfordshire County Council to tackle the chronically high levels of late diagnosis in the County. Some areas have rates of over 25% above the national average, with the majority of these being in the west of the County.

We feel this is proof that the current countywide service is concentrating far too much effort in the East and North and not enough in the West. Figures published by Public Health England show that late diagnosis rates in Three Rivers, 67% Watford 52% St Albans 53% Dacorum 60% whereas North Herts is just 35%…

We really feel it is time Herts County Council and the Herts Valley Clinical Commissioning Group reinstated funding for our testing service that they decommissioned 4 years ago. Please feel free to write/email/tweet your County Councillor and MP asking that this be made a priority!

See a copy of the press release below..

Click Here Hertfordshire – Late Diagnosis rates above national average

Don’t forget if you think you may have been exposed to HIV or haven’t ever tested then you can do so using one of our postal testing kits. The service is entirely free and confidential, you can test at home or at our premises, collect a kit from us or ask for one to be posted to you. the results will be delivered to us after you have posted your sample. Please see our website or email for more details.

Thanks for your support as ever

The Crescent team

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Links To Useful Info On HIV In The UK And Worldwide

Here are a series of links to info on HIV in the UK, USA and the rest of the world.

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Anonymous HIV Disclosure Survey – Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) Cambridge

Dear all,

We have been contacted by Charlotte, a student at Anglia Ruskin University, to ask if we can assist with a survey that forms part of a PhD project exploring the process through which people living with HIV tell their intimate partners about their status.

At the bottom of this post is a link to the survey plus an information poster about the research and the possibility of a prize for taking part. The survey is an anonymous study which will allow you to share your thoughts, experiences, and feelings on the subject of disclosure to a close partner. It is estimated to take under 30 mins to complete.

Here is an extract from Charlotte’s email;

I am a second year PhD student at the Department of Psychology, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. My thesis looks at the process through which people living with HIV in the UK manage the issue of disclosure within an intimate relationship.

The first study that is just being formally released is a survey that can be competed online. People that are living with HIV in the UK and are 18 years or older are warmly invited to take part. It asks about thoughts, views and experiences of sharing a positive status within an intimate partnership. It does not matter whether the person has had previous experience of disclosing or not; I would like to hear from everyone. This study has been fully approved by the University Faculty Research Ethics Panel.

In an attempt to reimburse people who take part for their time and effort there will be an opportunity following completion of the survey to enter an optional prize draw that is open to this study and a HIV stigma study. Two winners from a raffle will be given a £25 voucher (from their choice of Amazon, Argos, or Tesco). We also hope that the findings will also provide longer-term benefits to PLWHA. It is intended for the findings to be analyzed, published and disseminated in a HIV service users magazine/ communicated to the Terrence Higgins Trust/ Positively UK/ National AIDS Trust in order to be used as support and information for people who wish to disclosure their HIV safely to their partners in the future.

Kind regards


If you wish to take part the Survey can be found here

More info and contact details for the study can be found in this poster Flyer for a disclosure study

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Stand Tall Get Snapped Video Shoot Today

Hi all,

Spent today recording soundbites and a video for the Stand Tall Get Snapped Project. It is to be broadcast as a promotional item for the exhibition due to be held in Soho London from November to January to commemorate the 30 years since the first cases of HIV in the UK. The purpose of the exhibition, which will feature the photgraph of 30 people living with HIV, and a short discriptive of their journey from diagnosis to now, is to show that HIV can affect anyone.

It is intended to dispel the myths and assumptions that surround HIV positive people, and by doing so, reduce the stigma that is associated with the virus and those living with it.

More details of the project can be found here;

It includes details of an event being held next week on Saturday 30th of June at 56 Dean Street Soho.

There you have the chance to speak to 4 of the people involved in the project who will be speaking from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock at 2 hour intervals, so do come along to find out more about HIV, directly from those people most affected!

More details of the video will be released soon, so keep watching this space.

Thanks for your ongoing support,

The Crescent Team

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Stand Tall Get Snapped – An Opportunity To Meet Those Involved !

The Crescent is proud to be working with the Stand Tall get Snapped project, here is a chance to find out more about that, and also about those living with HIV, directly from the people affected by it.

Stand Tall, Get Snapped 30th June 2012

When you think of HIV, what images come to mind? Blood… Doctors… Maybe that big 80’s tombstone…

Not the people themselves?

Well – here’s your chance to meet them

Speaking at 12 noon, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm on June 30th at the 56 Dean Street Clinic, Soho

You will have a chance to interact with, and ask questions of, four of the participants involved in the project, with a special contribution from our Master of Ceremonies, Rob Anderson, Chairperson of Body Positive Belfast,

The individuals selected represent an excellent cross-section of the HIV community in terms of age, race, and length of time living with the infection

Situated in the Community Room of the clinic, with free refreshments available, the speakers will discuss their experiences living with HIV, followed by a Question and Answer session with each

This event was initialised by London-based photographer Edo Zollo,, as part of his photography project, ‘Stand Tall, Get Snapped: 30 HIV+ People’, and is brought to you in collaboration with the 56 Dean Street clinic,, as part of the World Pride Festival, taking place in London this summer,

Contact Information 




PR/Media enquiries – Jake Basford, 07590198047

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Our Patron James Wharton Fighting To Save The Crescent

Dear all,

Another of our Patrons, James Wharton, is fighting to save us, you can read his latest article here,

This article is now being circulated via a number of social media sites including twitter, also by Attitude Magazine, Gay Star News, The National Aids Trust and many more.

Please help us save the Crescent, write now to your MP, Hertfordshire County Council, The Hertfordshire Advertiser, anyone you can think of, and pass the message on !

Thank you for your support,

The Crescent Team

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Hertfordshire County Council Appoints A New Chief Executive

Dear all,

Hertfordshire County Council has appointed a new Chief Executive, Mr John Wood. Please feel free to write, email, or call him to complain about the lack of funding for the Crescent. Alternatively if you would rather remain anonymous then leave a comment here, and we will pass these on, without identifying you.

Hertfordshire County Council do not need to make funding cuts for HIV support services in Hertfordshire, they are spending but a fraction of the amount allocated by central Government for this purpose. In short they have enough funding to run both services as before.

Please keep complaining to whoever you can, your local MP, County Councillor, write into the Hertfordshire Advertiser, anything you can do to raise this issue. Contact details are below;

Mr John Wood Chief Executive, Hertfordshire County Council, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DQ. Telephone 0300 123 4040

Or you can register a complaint directly with the County Council here

You can contact the Hertfordshire Advertiser – The Editor, Hertfordshire Advertiser Town Hall Chambers 35 Market Place St Albans AL3 5DL – Editorial Telephone  01727 863332

Make some noise people please, it is now or never !! More articles are to appear in the Hertfordshire Advertiser, Positive Lite and the Huffington Post this week, links to these articles will be published shortly.

Thanks again for all your support,

The Crescent Team


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