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Stand Tall Get Snapped – An Opportunity To Meet Those Involved !

The Crescent is proud to be working with the Stand Tall get Snapped project, here is a chance to find out more about that, and also about those living with HIV, directly from the people affected by it.

Stand Tall, Get Snapped 30th June 2012

When you think of HIV, what images come to mind? Blood… Doctors… Maybe that big 80’s tombstone…

Not the people themselves?

Well – here’s your chance to meet them

Speaking at 12 noon, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm on June 30th at the 56 Dean Street Clinic, Soho

You will have a chance to interact with, and ask questions of, four of the participants involved in the project, with a special contribution from our Master of Ceremonies, Rob Anderson, Chairperson of Body Positive Belfast,

The individuals selected represent an excellent cross-section of the HIV community in terms of age, race, and length of time living with the infection

Situated in the Community Room of the clinic, with free refreshments available, the speakers will discuss their experiences living with HIV, followed by a Question and Answer session with each

This event was initialised by London-based photographer Edo Zollo,, as part of his photography project, ‘Stand Tall, Get Snapped: 30 HIV+ People’, and is brought to you in collaboration with the 56 Dean Street clinic,, as part of the World Pride Festival, taking place in London this summer,

Contact Information 




PR/Media enquiries – Jake Basford, 07590198047

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Our Patron James Wharton Fighting To Save The Crescent

Dear all,

Another of our Patrons, James Wharton, is fighting to save us, you can read his latest article here,

This article is now being circulated via a number of social media sites including twitter, also by Attitude Magazine, Gay Star News, The National Aids Trust and many more.

Please help us save the Crescent, write now to your MP, Hertfordshire County Council, The Hertfordshire Advertiser, anyone you can think of, and pass the message on !

Thank you for your support,

The Crescent Team

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Hertfordshire County Council Appoints A New Chief Executive

Dear all,

Hertfordshire County Council has appointed a new Chief Executive, Mr John Wood. Please feel free to write, email, or call him to complain about the lack of funding for the Crescent. Alternatively if you would rather remain anonymous then leave a comment here, and we will pass these on, without identifying you.

Hertfordshire County Council do not need to make funding cuts for HIV support services in Hertfordshire, they are spending but a fraction of the amount allocated by central Government for this purpose. In short they have enough funding to run both services as before.

Please keep complaining to whoever you can, your local MP, County Councillor, write into the Hertfordshire Advertiser, anything you can do to raise this issue. Contact details are below;

Mr John Wood Chief Executive, Hertfordshire County Council, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DQ. Telephone 0300 123 4040

Or you can register a complaint directly with the County Council here

You can contact the Hertfordshire Advertiser – The Editor, Hertfordshire Advertiser Town Hall Chambers 35 Market Place St Albans AL3 5DL – Editorial Telephone  01727 863332

Make some noise people please, it is now or never !! More articles are to appear in the Hertfordshire Advertiser, Positive Lite and the Huffington Post this week, links to these articles will be published shortly.

Thanks again for all your support,

The Crescent Team


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Standard letter template for service users

If anyone wants to write a letter to complain about the current situation, and are having difficulties constructing a letter, here is a standard letter template we have put together to help you do so.

We have included them in two different commonly used formats – please feel free to download them and use in whatever way you can:

If anyone needs any additional help, or the letters supplied in another format, please don;t hesitate to contact us. . .

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Interesting documents

Below are some links to three extremely important Department of Health documents relating to the commissioning of services, all of which we feel have been ignored in the decision to close The Crescent – the co-operation document is particularly interesting as none of it seems to have been adhered to in the decision making process. . .

We hope you find them of great interest!

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