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Private Eye Publishes !!

Hi all,

Great news ! Private Eye have taken up the save the Crescent story and have published this is their latest edition out today in all good newsagents !

It is on Page 13 in the section called Rotten Boroughs !!

It says;  “Surely the decision is nothing to do with the cosy relationship Herts Aid enjoys with HCC? For instance, it is chaired by councillor and health scrutiny chair Sally Newton, and was her pick of mayoral charity during her recent year as mayor of Hertford”

Priceless !! We got our copies from WH Smith and will be posting a version online if we can get an electronic version.. however it is £1.50 well spent…

Will keep you posted, more interviews ongoing today, more to come…

Thanks for your ongoing support,

The Crescent Team

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