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BBC 3 Counties today after 1pm Nick Coffer show

Hi all,

We will be on the Nick Coffer show this afternoon on BBC3 Counties 95.5 & 104.5FM talking about HIV and our forthcoming quiz night fundraiser. Tune in or listen online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/threecountiesradio.

We will publish a link to the listen again after the programme too.

Thanks for your continued support.

The Crescent TeamCrescent Quiz Poster 08 Aug 14

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Wonderful Local Support “Saves the Crescent” St Albans Review

Hi All,

Another great article in the St Albans Review today describing all the wonderful support from local people and businesses recently that has helped keep us going and helping so many.

We are truly very grateful for all the help and support shown by so many kind people lately! Please help us repay their faith in us and spread the word about our forthcoming fundraising events on 24th and 30th of May so that we can keep on helping those in need of support across Hertfordshire and beyond.


Thanks again for your continued support

The Crescent Team

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Stand Tall Get Snapped Project – at the Brighton Dome Monday 24/02 to 08/03

Hi all,

The fantastic Stand Tall Get Snapped has reached Brighton and will be running at the Brighton Dome from this Monday (24th February) until Saturday 08 March in conjunction with the Sussex Beacon.

As you may recall if you have been following us for some time, the exhibition of 30 different people living with HIV features Crescent members. We have been part of the project since launch in December 2012 at the Reading Rooms in Soho and has been to Manchester and Glasgow most recently.

More details of the event can be found here;


More about the fascinating and educational project itself here;


and here;


Entry is free so do go along to see this great project combating stigma

The Crescent Team

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St Saviours Concert Update

Dear all,

A huge thank you to all those who came along to our fundraiser on Friday night at St Saviours. Thanks to your generosity we raised a marvellous sum, and with more still coming in! We are simply amazed by the wonderfully kind and warm spirited people who made the evening a huge success.

Warm thanks also to St Saviours who donated the venue, and to the Hertfordshire Chamber Ensemble for once again this year putting on such a fabulous show and to our own volunteers who put on a fantastic range of refreshments too.

Keep watching this space for more exciting news coming soon in the New Year, thank you for your support, and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a warm, safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

The Crescent Team

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Home Testing versus Home Sampling

Home testing ? Something that needs discussion we think;

Much has been featured in the news lately about the prospect of legalised home testing for HIV. Some charities have heralded this as a step forward, and a good thing. However we beg to differ.

It seems unclear why this is considered an improvement on home sampling (where a kit is used by an individual at home, sample sent to a lab and then the result is relayed by a clinic or health provider) This method provides a direct link to care and support in the event of a reactive (possibly positive) test result.

With home testing the individual will receive their result instantly there and then, perhaps on their own, or perhaps worse still with people who are not supportive.

Imagine yourself in that scenareo for a moment. Your result has shown you are likely to be positive, what next? Denial? Ignore the result, dont get it confirmed by a full test at a clinic as you should, carry on as normal, possibly with less care, now you know you are possibly positive why would you take care?

Or would you sink into depression? abandon everything? or tell everyone before it is even confirmed? then what? those you thought of as friends are not as supportive as you would have hoped? People have been hounded out of homes, schools, work, in the past for revealing their status… what effect on family and friends? What about possible criminal charges for transmission?

Think you life is over? reach for the vodka and painkillers? Dramatic? maybe, but has happened on a number of occasions, too many in fact. In the news this week a story surfaced about an Australian nurse who on receiving a diagnosis said; “I tried to attempt suicide on a number of occasions because I couldn’t live with the fact that I could have infected someone I loved,”

With the stigma that still surrounds HIV home testing is not a good idea, there are plenty of ways to be tested, not all involve needles or a trip to a hospital. In fact some services are in very pleasant confidential surroundings, not the, perhaps percieved, colder clinical settings.

Those who defend the idea say that there will be information included in the kits to signpost people to help and support.. really, at 2am when you finally plucked up the courage to take the test are you really going to think, oh its ok i can call someone? Some people, usually the most vulnerable, need help deciding to test, need support during, and directly afterwards.

What they don’t need is a test result staring them in the face with noone present to pick up the pieces. There needs to be more thought and more consultation, and definitely more work eradicating stigma and prejudice before this can become a suitable alternative to current testing options.

Those agencies supporting this move might be want to direct their energy towards continuing with home sampling and other testing methods, awareness work and stigma reduction. Unfortunately it appears there may be some financial incentives at work here too, we should also ask who is set to gain the most from such an initiative, and then we may realise why it is being pushed so hard from certain quarters.

A quick survey of people accessing services this week has revealed that not one thought this a good idea, most suggesting they would not have used it, some saying it would have discouraged them from testing at all. Another asked if eventually the idea would be when requesting a test anywhere they would be given a kit, and then told to go home to do it? Most thought that people would only use it when “Dutch Courage” was evident, then who would govern whether it was carried out appropriately, or provide support, or perhaps stop self harm if a reactive result was the outcome.

And what if, after all that, the result was a false result? The home testing kits have, apparently, a 1 in 12 false negative and 1 in 5000 false positive rate, not really acceptable when other methods are far more accurate, certainly without the false negative rate publicised in the Guardian this week . It’s too much far too soon, in an ideal world, workable, but we live in a far from perfect society…

Please do write to the Minister Anne Soubry if you share our concerns, we feel this needs more scrutiny, if not there is a very real risk people will be harmed as a result.

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Christmas In July Saturday 27th July from 7.30 PM at The Load of Hay Watford

Hi all,

Just to let you know our next fund raiser will be our annual event in conjunction with the Load of Hay Pinner Road Watford this Saturday 27th July from 7.30 onwards.

All welcome there will be a raffle and the usual frivolities!! All aiming to raise funds for us to keep helping those in need!

Hope to see you there,

You can find out more about the Load of Hay here https://www.facebook.com/#!/theloadofhay

Thanks again for your ongoing support,

The Crescent Team

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Out in the Army Book Reading Event Barclays St Albans, 19/07/2013 at 6.45pm

Hello all,

As promised, our next event will be next Friday 17th July 2013 at Barclays 18 St Peter’s St
St Albans Herts from 6.45pm.

Our Patron, James Wharton, will be reading from his new book “Out In The Army” There will be books available to purchase at the event from which the publisher, Biteback publishing ( https://www.bitebackpublishing.com/) will make a donation to us from each book sold.

Alternatively you can purchase via the website using promo code THECRESCENT for which we will also receive a donation. You can also purchase the book at any good bookshop, or other similar retailer.

Entry is free to the event, but a donation is always welcome which can be made to any of the Crescent staff or volunteers who will be there.


More on the book is available on the Biteback website https://www.bitebackpublishing.com/books/out-in-the-army-hardback

Some feedback about the book here;

Stephen Fry
“ A wonderful, stirring and thrilling read. I laughed, wept and winced…”

Matthew Todd, ATTITUDE
“An inspiring read from start to finish…”

Ben Summerskill OBE
“A highly readable and distinctly twenty-first-century boy’s own tale…”

Matthew Cain, Culture Editor, Channel 4 News
“A fascinating and charming insight…”

We hope to see you at the event! we would like to thank Barclays St Albans for their wonderful help in providing the venue for us, and for their support for the evening.

Thank you for your support too, as ever !

The Crescent Team

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