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BBC3Counties Radio JVS Show Friday 16 August

Hi All,

You can listen again to the radio interview on the call in programme the JVS show with Lisa Power (THT) and DR Richard Ma, with our Iain Murtagh taking calls from the general public, and discussing the ban on HIV positive people working in certain areas of the medical profession.

You can listen again for the next 4 days here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01d3w6n we are on from just after the 10am news, just over an hour into the programme.

Will be appearing on more news broadcasts soon, keep watching this space for more on this coming shortly.

Thanks as ever for your support

The Crescent Team

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Hertfordshire Advertiser Article On Benefit Concert 22nd Feb

Hertfordshire Advertiser Page 3 Crescent Concert 220213

Dear all

Above is the latest article in the Hertfordshire Advertiser about our forthcoming benefit concert on 22 February at St Saviours. Hope to see you all there !

Also in another article THT have today called for more community based HIV support services and testing facilities (just like the Crescent in fact) confirmation (if we needed it) that the Crescent and our services are needed more than ever.

Link to the article is here where THT make this statement is here; http://www.london24.com/news/health/new_approach_needed_to_improve_hiv_prevention_in_london_1_1931859

Thanks for your support as ever,

The Crescent team

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Stand Tall Get Snapped Project Launches In November

Hi All,

The long awaited opening of the Stand Tall Get Snapped Project approaches. Please see the posters below for more details on this amazing exhibition featuring PLWHIV talking about their journey since diagnosis. It features the photographs and stories of 30 HIV positive individuals from all walks of life, ethnic origin, orientation, gender, age, UK location, and so on. 


30 participants were chosen to commemorate the number of years since the first official recognition of the HIV epidemic, and the death of Terrence Higgins in 1982 whose friends went on to form the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT).

The aim of the project is to demonstrate that HIV can affect anyone, and dispel the myth that it is just an issue on the whole for gay men or people of Black African origin.

This exhibition is an important step in removing the stigma that surrounds HIV and a move forwards for those who still live with the condition in silence, and, in many cases, fear.

Please do come along to find out more about this groundbreaking work, find out more about HIV and those living with the virus. By seeing the exhibition, and hearing the stories of those affected, we can together begin to eradicate the stigma that so unfairly blights the lives of those living with HIV and help educate all on the risks and how to avoid the virus.

The Crescent is proud to be participating in this very worthwhile project. We look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes

The Crescent Team

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House Of Lords Committee on HIV Prevention

Hi all,

Please see this BBC news article on the terrible news that UK HIV transmission has almost trebled in the last ten years.

Please feel free to contact Lord Fowler to tell him about the Crescent! fowlern@parliament.uk

The findings of the House of Lords committee chaired by Lord Fowler suggest that more needs to be done to prevent transmission and that investment in HIV services such as the Crecent is essential. Lets hope he can help as so far there has been no movement in position by the NHS or County Council.

We continue to fight and more articles are shortly to be published in the Herts Advertiser. We will keep you posted.



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